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Originally Posted by Schwag View Post
The only people that knock chinese guns are those that haven't used them but that's for another thread. They're not perfect but with a little work, they are better than a marui for alot less cash. Can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with the saint.
It's too bad that we're losing a retailer but there's lots of us that have gotten by just fine without them and will continue to do so.
For the most part, when you replace most of the internals, you essentially build a new gun.

Rather, it is cheaper to build a better gun (than TM) for less cash. I don't see a point in buying a base chinese gun for $400 only to replace all of the parts, having the stock parts left over which you could re-assemble into another gun.

I am glad that metal bodies are (currently) readily available. Assembling guns is pretty cost efficient and everything else is (mostly) importable. The only issues I see is that GBBs will be increasingly difficult to obtain as many cannot be built from scratch.
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