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Originally Posted by happytit View Post
there should be a lot done with the comunity but no one has steped up and started anything. there is no real leaders in this comunity..
Plenty have tried to do exactly this. The consensus of the airsoft community is that it's better to not rock the boat and to continue flying under the radar. Every attempt I've ever seen has been shot down in flames.

Originally Posted by vatek View Post
And given that most guns don't have unique serial numbers that would certainly get interesting.
I fully intend to exploit this if registration ever becomes required. I plan on buying at least one of every gun I can get my hands on that has a serial number on it, then file a police report that I had several hundred of each model stolen. In the report I'll give them the names and addresses of everyone on this board. Then I'll open up an airsoft store

Originally Posted by Schwag View Post
So you may not be able to buy EXACTLY what you want when you want.
You never could. Although retailers in the past could get pretty much any mainstream gun coming out on the market, not many Canadian retailers could get you a limited edition gun X, or get you something the day it came out. In the past I had wanted to pick up a few different pieces, but no retailer could get the items I wanted in. Most notably I wanted a Piper M134. Every retailer I contacted pretty much laughed at the idea of getting one into Canada.
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