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Part III How's it shoot

The gun runs a version 3 gear box. Advertised FPS is supposed to be 400. I don't have a chrono so I can't verify that. Shooting this thing is a dream.The auto winding box keeps the BB's flowing strong to the gun. I destroyed my indoor target in a matter of seconds. The gun purs like a cat when firing long bursts. I have not had to much experience with the Top 60's but from what I've heard this gun puts them to shame. I know that Fatmouse said the strafer plus any gun equaled strafer, but I think the strafer plus this gun would equal something I would never want to be on the buisness end of.

Is the gun worth 1500? To me it is but at the cost of 5 standard TM guns it's not for everyone.


Easy modding of gear box
Large battery capacity
Fit and Finish


Other than that I really cant think of anything.

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