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Ok the charging handle is fixed. We drilled out the old screw and ground down the charging handle and tapped it to fit a larger 8/32x3/4 screw. The screw needed alittle grinding to clear the gear box. There is little possiblity of this breaking again unless it's abused. I don't think in it's stock form there is anyway that it would not break from regular use. It was an easy fix but for the money it should never have been an issue.

Final thoughts on this gun.

Charging handle: its way to fragile. This gun should never have gone into production with it set up like that.
Weight: This all depends on if you like realism. The gun is heavy.
Accessories: As of right now there is nothing. I'd like to see an RIS or some type of sight rail.
Price: $550.00 and up depending on where you get it.

Weight: I like the feel of a heavy realistic weapon. So for me this is a pro.
M16/M4 series mags: The fact you can M series mags makes things really easy and cheap.
3 round burst: This is an awsome feature. Whether it's usefull in a game will have to wait for the next OP.
Unique: Not to many people have one of these.
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