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Star FNC Review

I originally posted this on the WNYAL League forums 26 Nov 2006

Well to my surprise my new FNC was delivered today. I did not think USPS delivered on Sundays. I ordered the gun Wednesday night from Redwolf and it shipped Speedpost. These are going to be my first impressions of the gun, I will go into more detail later.

The box has a very nice fitted foam insert. In the box was the gun, 1 mag, loading tool, and the original flash hider. The gun had a blaze orange M series flashhider glued on, which required me to saw off sections of it and then chip it off.

I did not have to worry about the design flaw with the charging handle, mine was already broken off. From reading a review on Arnies this is common with all the FNCs. I'm gonna send Star an E-mail and see what happens. Its cosmetic but for $600.00 the charging handle should not break off of every gun. Worst comes to worst maybe I can beg Led to make me a stronger replacement part.

As far as the rest of the build goes the gun is all metal except the handguard and pistol grip and it is heavy, 2nd only to my CA saw. It's solid to, I doubt anything on the exterior of the weapon could easily be broken other then the charging handle.

The folding stock locks into place when open and feels real good. When the stock is folded it must be held in place by spring tension. All it takes to unfold is a little pressure. I'm very impressed with the stock, I wish more AEGs had someting so nice.

The trades where intacted and not covered.

The selector is not quite up to real steel feel but not bad compared to other AEG's

Now the fun part, how does it shoot? Very, very nice is the answer. The gun runs on a mini in the handguard. Star recommends a 9.6 but I used an 8.4 and it seemed to have a good rate of fire. I put an order in to for some 9.6s for it, so we will see if it makes a big differance.

According to Redwolf the gun shoots between 390 and 400fps. I don't have a chrono but from shooting it in the backyard it's gotta be close to the advertised fps. The coolest thing with this gun has got to be the 3 round burst. I had more fun with that then anything else. I'd like to see more guns come out with burst. Overall I really like the gun and I think it will make a good OPFOR gun and match my multicam loadout. I will add more to this review as I get more of chance to try the gun out. Any questions please feel free to ask.
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