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Originally Posted by daiviet View Post
bleh, so many big words from saint's and mcguyvers posts, could someone translate into a simplified understanding of what they're talking about? seems interesting, but i can't be arsed to re-read and fully understand it all.
The essence of it was that the CITT, supported by the RCMP, practice double standard against airsoft guns.

The law says that all things that look very much like real guns are replica firearms. Replica firearms are prohibited devices. You are not allowed to import/export them.

They go after airsoft guns because airsoft guns:
- look real (thus "replica firearm" and "prohibited device")
- can't shoot as hard as real gun (thus not "firearm")

They DO NOT (AFAWK) go after certain airguns (0.177cal) that are designed to look realistic EVENTHOUGH those airguns
- look real (thus "replica firearm" and "prohibited device")
- can't shoot as hard as real gun (thus not "firearm")
- BUT are deemed to shoot hard enough to still injure people, thus somehow exempting them from the law on replica firearm, despite CBSA's and CITT's own explicit position that it's the appearance that matters

Macgyver argues that it's because of some sort of favouritism towards airguns relative to airsoft, apparently on the part of RCMP. I argue that it's not clear if we're dealing with intentional policy cooperation between the RCMP and CITT/CBSA or if we're just dealing with the collision of different agencies' ignorance.
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