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there should be a lot done with the comunity but no one has steped up and started anything. there is no real leaders in this comunity.. and to have something done takes leadership and someone to get thing organized.

the leagality of the sport will not change untill we try to create something that would make the goverment happy and us happy.

these are just an idea " don't flame me i know that there are a lot of holes "

an idea would be create a military reactors club and require mebership.
" like the civil war renactors in the U.S "
second would be contact the friearms clubs ETC and try to see if we can get some help ETC.

i know people have a lot of idea's when i comes down to it but i have yet to see someone put some into action. ( other than the letter sent to the goverment a few years back )

open to idea's

i will help anyway i can but untill we get a committy going nothing is EVER going to happen.

i would be glad to help to start a committy on this but we need some support from other mebers to get the ball roleing

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