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That can't be. Many BB guns appear to be real. My dad just bought a CX4 Storm (.177 CO2) It's not a firearm, and looks just like the real thing.

I had in mind those really weak CO2 pistols, but I guess since it's lead, the energy is high enough that it reaches that "can cause bodily harm" area. I've never seen that "can cause bodily harm" point in the CFC iteself, but I heard it somewhere.

My grandpa had a BB gun it was lever action. and fired copper BBs extremely slow. Biggest game I could kill was a catapillar. That was a long time ago though.

Hey so if systema comes out with an M170 PTW that might come accross the border, even from a gun retailer? Just need to sell the cylinder after, or exchange it with the retailer after it's in the country.

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