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007 isnt going to fade out like A&A, if anything he'll fade out like 007 because he already faded out once lol
Now like someone said, there used to be 5 retailers, most choked out after Peter Kang got busted, some new ones sprung up. Problem was the new ones got busted because they were in it for the money, got too greedy and BAM. One day your selling chinese airsoft guns to 18yr olds and the next morning some CBSA officer is stepping in your cornflakes and telling you to drop your pants so he can serve you some justice.
And to calm everyone down here, the only possible way that airsoft would die off in 2-3 years is if all of us owned 3 stock G&G guns each lol
As long as your bought your gun for the body, your good for a good long while
Ahhhhhh feels good to have a G&P arsenal...
So the best thing to do is for a major government related operation to suddenly start importing airsoft.....someone like a surplus dealer/firearm importer who deals with the government all the time lol

Here's something else to think about, it'll really help you guys to understand if you don't already (I know most of you understand already). Mark gets around 400 emails a day, but Mark has other things to do. So if he's gone for 2 days doing other business. Thats now 800 unread emails he has to come home to...
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