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LOL, only if there were that many women airsofters.

But the just of it is right, we need to multiply. Slowly though, we don't need an attention-grabbing population explosion, we just need to keep growing. Consider the situation in the UK. The government there did not do anything at all to regulate airsoft for a long time, but when they finally tried (due to problematic spread of replica firearms), airsoft had reached sufficient mass that competent lobbying won British airsofters the day. Our situation is somewhat more difficult, because the Canadian government put restrictions in place already to limit our growth (though probably not originally targeted at airsoft). However, that doesn't mean we can't keep growing at our own pace until someday we reach sufficient numbers to get the legal changes we want. We just have to be patient about it, though that doesn't mean we don't keep our eyes out for any rare opportunities to further our cause, whatever they might be.
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