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Originally Posted by LeapingLizard View Post
Would it be possible to not register airsoft guns, but to make it law for each person to have a permit to own. Doesn't matter how many, just 1 permit under your name. It can be applied for like a PAL. It can have a fee obviously to fund itself. Possibly require passing a safety and ethics type course. Then for importation they can be the same as firearms. Any firearms retailer can import them just as they would a firearm. (Wouldn't the prices be lower this way too?) Anyone found with an airsoft replica and does not posess a valid permit may have it confiscated if they do not get a permit within X amount of time. (Everyone who now owns one would be required to get a permit ASAP.)

If we went to say the conservative party, and the local reps and put in front of their face how many airsofters there are in this country, and how easy it would be to spread the word "vote Conservative because..." in the community. Would they not be tempted to gain those votes? Maybe for EVERY area in Canada that as a conservative rep. selected members present a petition to that person?

EDIT: This thread had me wondering the the hell I have a CDN flag under my name. :P
+1 to put it bluntly, that's a great fucking idea!
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