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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
.................... that being said, if you shoot someone with an airsoft gun (even a clearsoft) you will be tried as it it were a real gun. i have read this forum AND the canadian laws referring to this subject specifically.
That is the part where you are absolutely correct.....
It is the intent to shoot (and act of shooting someone), is illegal, and one cannot legally condone to being shot.
Both, by the letter of the law are illegal acts and can result in criminal charges.
So, by the letter of the law, paint ball is illegal, as are water guns, and in extreme cases, your finger.

The recent changes in the CFC regulations, are an attemp to legislate airsoft (more correctly "classify" it) and help to clear up the grey matter that surrounds airsoft (one way or the other).
But as usual, these changes are not really helping us out. Sure, they have reworked the conditions required for items to be classified as fire arms, and they have revamped the definition of a replica.
More so, the fact that replicas are no longer illegal to own (with out being grandfathered), and have main stayed the fact that any malicous use of a replica transfers to the Criminal Code of Canada as if it were a real fire arm. But now it clearly defines that it is illegal to transfer ownership of any replica (including airsoft), and the only way to have it is to have acquired it prior to 1998 (I believe). You may also no longer inherit (or "grandfather") replicas beyond that date.
The only real thing saving our butts is most law enforcement agencies know what airsoft is about, and that in most cases are either collected, or used in sport in a controlled enviroment. They realize that there are more serious issues to deal with than us 5.59mm plastic spewing mil sim nuts.

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Read. Then read more. Then read more. FAQ please.
^^^ Listen to that man ^^^

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