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Okay, well then I conclude (correct me if i'm wrong):

1. You cannot import/export airsofts. (without crazy permits etc.)
2. It is legal to own airsoft guns.
3. You must only shoot it in airsoft fields, OR in your house/basement...hidden from the outside world and nosy neighbors because they could try to be a hero.
4. You need to be 18. (which law states this?)
5. If you shoot people with it, it will be treated as an offense with a real gun.
6. You should always hide it when not cause a scene...which is there we get into this whole replica stuff.

Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
I think most people think airsoft differently than it should. Forget all the past culture belief on airsoft.
Airsoft is:
*A firearm that in Canada allows you own without license but require 18 year old
*A sport play similiar to paintball except the firearm is a replica of real one
*A smaller scale of the power that a gunpowder firearm

Treated as if it was a real gun, that means keep off sight in public, keep it store like a firearm. and finally you will be treated a person armed and dangerous when someone sees you. You will be punish if you violate the law like a regular bullet firearm, and police see you as that.
What an exellent post! Yes I did have the wrong perceptions of airsoft. But that pretty much says it all! Yes I think I will get into it, but with a much more serious mindset.

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