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Originally Posted by MacG!ver View Post
Well no...but maybe do target practice in my backyard? After all the airsoft ranges/fields are not near, so I could only go once a week at most.
Target practice in your backyard? Your not the first to come to this website stating that they would love to use an airsoft target shoot, and like many others, I would like to suggest to you that maybe a pellet gun would be more suited to your needs. The costs are less and they are easier to aquire.

A real gun, a pellet gun or an airsoft gun, if I was someone who lived next door and did not know any better and looked out my kitchen window, and saw someone brandishing some form of firearm , I would call the police.

If you want to target shoot, get a real gun and go to a range,or a pellet gun and go out to a farm, airsoft guns can be accurate to an extent but if your gona shoot paper and cans, get a pellet gun.

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Troll I think is a troll. Troll.
Im begining to think so as well.

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