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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I know, but how many people here would be willing to fight, and how many would give up, being resigned to not ordering due to fear?

We don't import guns because the fear of seizure exists, even though in reality some guns still make it through, even after being inspected.

I just see a slow pattern of suffocation here, sort of like being suffocated by breathing through a Kleenex. Not difficult to survive for a time, but eventually, slowly, it gets you.
You're right, most people won't go into/stay in a sport with something like that involved. However, I personally believe that if the CBSA ever do try to shut off the supply of airsoft parts by abusing the current laws that people will take a stand. I know I would in that event, not because I want to airsoft, but because I refuse to live in a country were a single institution can twist the law that far from its original context simply to prosecute harmless people and activities. Maybe it's already happened with other laws, but this is the one I keep track of and the one I feel I know how to make a stand on.

CBSA has no legal basis to stop parts and it damn well better stay that way.
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