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Threads on this forum lock automatically at 300 posts, right? I hope so...this one is a killer to catch up on.

Never bought anything from Mark, so can't say that his business was good or bad. Never saw the point of buying something for a lot more than it could be had for. Too bad he's stopping this aspect of his business...but to speak honestly, I thought that he would have last year when the "guy who shall not be named, but who is a right prick" in BC got his just deserts. A&A's site stopped being useful when he took the pricing people can just charge as much as they want because every new sale is setting the benchmark for the day! Free market!

There's only been once where a retailer had something in stock when the classifieds didn't have it. A week later someone was selling one (and magically the retailer was out of stock again!). Sure, it'll be harder to get fresh supplies of the "bad" parts/AEGs/GBBs...but I doubt that it will be impossible. And if it's impossible then I'm glad mine are built well.

Slow, strangling death...maybe...but it's the I give it 10-15yrs to die completely. Plenty of time to get some good games in (humm..Boarder Wars 17), and by then we'll all have 6mm rail guns...

When they ban the possession of one...that's when it's time to hang it up. Until then...I'm good.
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