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Originally Posted by MacG!ver View Post
Lol, yes the dude was being a bit dumb...he played in a field and a pedestrian saw him and called the cops etc., and you guys royally grilled him about it (as you should).

So my question is...I'm basically going to spend $500 on a toy gun that I have to hide from "the public" and can only be seen with it & and use it at airsoft fields/ranges? Seems kind of sad...I really don't know what else to call it. Tempting nonetheless though.

So...that means what exactly?

Airsoft guns aren't toys dude. If these were toys, why would SWAT and Police have you gun-pointed and probably getting shot at? Also it isn't sad, it's how you use it that will get you in trouble. Reasons why we use it on the field is to keep the sport and hobby safe.


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