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Originally Posted by MacG!ver View Post
I'm eyeing a used TM SR-16, the owner says its 6 years old, but hasn't been used much for the last 4. He says it is in good condition with a minor chip in the bottom and scratches.

So being a total newb to airsoft, can someone tell me what to watch out for with used, or older AEG's? Does the plastic degrade, or the inner parts get used up...I really have no idea?

Thank you!
Take it from me, Pictures are worth 1000 words.

Ask for photos of EVERY possible angle of the gun. Ask the seller to honestly detail any imperfections on the gun no matter how minor. If he fucks you on your word (which I have been on two occasions with the same asshole) then stick it to him and get your money back if you can. Being new and all, id go for a face to face deal.

You don't want to deal with some assfuck who lives in a different province who can just wipe his hands clean and say "sorry, but a used gun is a used gun" and skimp off with your hard earned money (and in my case, my money, and Gun. Yeah, i haven't forgot, dickless)
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