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Originally Posted by MacG!ver View Post
Would you mind showing/telling me what exact law states that it is legal to own & play airsoft? Just to appease some people. Don't bother if its too much effort or you don't remember.
Now this is where your quiery starts to become a somewhat complicated issue. The complication is applied when we look at the term replica. The Canadian border services agencie restricts the importation of anything that bares resemblence to that of a firearm, but when it comes to the terms of replca in a court of law, airsoft guns are considered firearms, now thats when we examine the details of what makes a firearm, how fast it can propel an object and at what joule. As my details are no exact, essentially it is the jist of the deal. When you throw it all together, Canada is not a very friendly place to try and get into airsoft.

As an example:

As stated on this website the CBSA will consider the majority of airsoft guns as replicas.

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