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I donno

I have had occasion to talk to people who have seen 3 cycles of boom and bust in airsoft in Canada.. long time players who were into the "Scene" before there was an Airsoft community... they tell storys about how there were no retailers.. and no importers but they still managed to get guns.. it was not easy.. and it cost a lot.

They have seen retailers come and go... and in the end.. there is always someone willing to step up an meet the demand...

I agree that current enforcement regimes seem bent on shutting down the supply.. but this has happened before.. and in the past they always lost interest and naturally someone came in an started up again.

I donno... maybe its different this time..

Anyway I can completely understand why a retailer would throw in the towel.. you take all the financial and legal risk.. and all you get out of it is goobs complaining that "you're gouging me" I should be able to get guns at the same price as I can't get them in the USA.
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