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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
You may very well be right... but I prefer optimism.. You know as well as I that the public retailers are not the only source for guns.
Yes, but what would my response be to the question of "Where can I get an airsoft gun?" if retailers are not there?

The ASC classifieds, of course. But how long can new players keep coming into the sport on guns that have been through several owners before they get it?

Now, all the CBSA has to do is put a strangehold on parts. No law says parts are legal, but if an AR AEG, even 1, is proscribed as a prohibited replica, all parts for it are prohibited, even the ammunition. Sure, it's a stretch in interpretation by alot, but if seizure is enforced on Joe Blow university student for a mechbox, is he going to spend 2 years fighting the seizure, or just give up?

I'm a pessimist, and no part of our current retail situation should give anyone any shred of optimism.
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