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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
no but demographics. a lot of the people in my area are older than me. im talking 20-30's some even in their 40's. they are not going to be around for THAT much longer. so if no new blood comes in, im left all by myself. thats the point im trying to make. people like me are the sport. we are at the age now where we can buy our guns and play for a long time. but if no new people are able to come in, while the number of guns will not dry up, the number of players will. and what is the use of having airsoft if you can't play with anyone. that was my point.

EDIT: thanks for the reassurances T7. i really do appreciate it
So you're saying that people around 20-30 year olds won't be around for that much longer ? Man you need a serious wake up call, we're not talking about the NHL entry draft here, we're talking about airsoft.

I'm 24 and I know I'll be playing again for a long time and I know people much older than me that will be doing the same.

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