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Originally Posted by charlie tango View Post
yup it sucks.

price hikes .. I know he lost a bunch of items due to customs and that was happening more and more as this past year went on. as a result his brokerage fees have gone up and recovering losses.. I guess that adds up to increase. How much? tough to say.. im sure he is making it while he can and as a business owner he has a right to do that.

we will always complain about this and that while the getting is good. when the getting gets tough we would be glad to have another like him importing our guns.. that is until we get bitchy again and decide to complain about the new guy.
case and point.. Peter Kang. everyone loved Kang..then they got tired of paying him all their life savings and hated him. Kang went away and we cried but not for long because MARK saved the day! we love mark! now wait! he is trying to make money off of us! lets burn his home!!!!! ...leaving??? what?? oooooh this is not good! we loved mark!

what it boils down to is not dis-liking anyone or the business... it boils down to constant piling of government bureaucracy and the red tape slowly choking you out of breath. Time to get out man. let someone else try it on for size. This does go beyond another retailer going down though. it is another IMPORTER. there havent been many importers in CDN history. Kang and Anderson are 2 of FEW. why do you think everyone shut the doors when Kang left? Ken was supplied by Kang..then Mark. Now they are both gone and Ken needs to find another source

Well said!, your statement don't back the retailer and don't back the buyer, fact is with the sport we play sometimes it is a necessary evil to pay so much to get what you want, if your new to the game you always look to a retailer to get you going, after a bit of water has gone under the bridge, you start to get resourceful. We will need a new "supplier" for sure and one will pop up I have no worry about that and, they will charge an arm and a leg for AEGs etc and, most people will buy them, due to the fact there is little choice right now and seemingly for the future!
for me the resourcfulness I use to get what I want is a mission motivated by the over price (in my opinion), I have purchased guns from retailers in the past but very few and far between, there are enough resources out there to satisfy, you just need to look around and be patient. As much as we can blame the CAN goven't for the "retailer" having to over charge, is the same reason some of use choose to be more resourceful"!
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