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Sorry but for all of you who say "not to worry, another retailer will come along"...the vast majority of ppl on the boards now are pretty new, only a year or two. I've been on these boards since 2003, and i remember the days when there were at least 5 retailers in Canada. One by one they have been shut down for one reason or another, but there was always one or two left over, including ASCA. And i hate to break it to you, but i'll put it simply...there are no more retailers in Canada. A&A and 007 were the last two legit business, and now they are gone as of March. So unless someone wants to get an import license and start up another retailer there won't be any more guns comming into the country, sure there might be a few guys who can do it privately but i'm pretty sure they know its illegal and they are running the risk of being busted. To me this is the beginning of the end...i'm not going to stop playing and i hope that something can be worked out to solve this problem.

But lets put it this way, if the gov't was to state that importing and building cars in Canada was illegal, then after a while we would be all riding horses again. Cut off the supply and something slowly dies...this sport can only last so long on second hand guns.

As far as i can see the only way around this is for people to start building from scratch...and there we have a problem importing bodies...

Take what you will and label me one of those guys who claims "the sky is falling" but take a good hard look at whats going on and the stance of gov't regarding our sport....Can you honestly say that this will be fine? Are you pinning all your hopes on some airsoft christ figure who will save you all?

Make the most of the time we have and enjoy it...
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