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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
you keep trotting this out... but you're wrong...

The ACT of transferring replicas became illegal in 1998.. at the same time the possession of the OBJECT of a replica was exempted as an offense.

certainly one can infer that I have committed several illegal acts in the process of collecting airsoft guns.. notwithstanding it is not an offense under the law for me to posses replicas regardless of when I got them.

I think that the crown would have trouble convicting me of an inferred offense without clear evidence of the time date place and object of the transfer.
Sounds like the law that says something along the lines of: It's illegal to possess certain types of drugs... however if you're under the influence you can't be touched (Unless you're driving which is stupid anyway)

Personally - I don't know, but I figure I'm digressing
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