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Originally Posted by SHaKaL View Post
maybe... but to have one dated post 1998 would mean you have broken the law... So they are up for seizure by the authority
I'm not trying to cause a shitstorm, but I wanted to correct some information that even me - as a new-to-this-forum would like to interject with:

This is being quoted from Brian McIlmoyle:

"Based on what evidence? Possession of replicas is 100% legal.. regardless of when you got them.

Once you have them they are legal to posses.. it is the ACT of transfer that is illegal.. not the OBJECT of transfer.

The police do take the stance that anything that looks like a gun but is not a gun is a replica.. that is the law.. it is how they choose to enforce that law that differs situationally.. and the police have the power to decide what when and how to enforce laws."

On top of that, it makes me question WHY would you be able to get a license to import them *like it seems Mark had, through customs* to get these replicas if they're illegal. <-- that doesn't make any sense to me.

The way I see it, I think there needs to be a lot of clarification... unless the clarity is there and people just need to read it for themselves from some sort of government website or something. Who knows.

Frankly, until the cops come pounding on my door and show me evidence that the airsoft guns that I own are illegal, I'm going to assume that I'm safe having them stored away in my apartment until being used on a private field, etc.

Just my 2c.


Damn Brian - you came in and saved the day before I could make you save the day LOL
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