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Originally Posted by jesster202 View Post
ok i will try to make this legable. the tools are not a probelm schools and places have cnc machines. hell i have a small cnc machin in my basment they expesive like 1500 for small ones and hell yu can get small lathes for that price too that will cut a peice of 12 inch aluminim. the problem is the fact that making a relistic or a reciver at that part for an air gun would be legal. if i could call the rcmp up and say hay guys i am going to take a peice of aluiminum and make it to look like an a reciver for an assult type whepon and they sadi fine as long as it could not be made into a workable reciver for a armlight then hell i ahve the tools to make them. but being relistic they would not say theat they problay out me on a list to be radied. but goot good point on slides that would be some thing to look around for because a size of a peice of aluminin(i only refer to aluminium because thats all my cnc can cut seeing its a small portable cnc machine and seeing my work would problay have a problem with me using theirs to cut steal) then it would only cost maby about 40 bucks max for top grade to porduce this so 60 for works then you could disturbuit them out to engravers like the one in tronoto to get it made mre realistic. but until i see its legal i would highly suggest not doing it wut so ever unless you dont mind being raided.
No offense but you still need to use capitalization and grammar, and not to mention a spell checker.

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