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Since the RCMP took over the administration of the CFC, many laws that were on the books started to actually get enforced. Not that this should be a surprise, as that's what the RCMP is there to do. Multi-Province ATTs, gun club classifications, issuance of prohibited license renewals and many more that I can't think of right now. It should be no surprise that the recent troubles by some at the CBSA are in direct relationship to the RCMP becoming actively involved in firearms control, all firearms, real or replica.

Start manufacturing bodies for weapons (treated as real until ruled otherwise) in this environment would be just plain dumb. Wait until some heat cools down, a year or 2 maybe, then look at manufacturing bodies after you have some kind of approval to do so (either classification for a non-replica or a license to manufacture).

There's more than enough guns already in Canada to have 1,000+ person games, what more do you want?
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