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On a side note i think we also have a more complexe situation than some peoples whining about the price of airsoft guns.

Sure we have people that think they've been screwed up by the prices of AEG
in Canada and whine about it. But you also have peoples that have their heads so deep in the seller's/retailler's asses that they come here and post Mark here, Mark there like they know him for the past 10 years and all they have done is buying a gun and a battery from him. So please cut up the crap will ya.

Sure some people had a great service with Anderson & Anderson and there are some that dont. We also have some members of this community who have made a thousand dollars bulk order with him and still dont know what will happen to their money, but hey, thats ok Sellers/Retaillers are Gods here in Canada. Lets go and blame them too because they are complaining and have made Anderson close.

For myself i blame the Canada and his stupid replica law. Here we have a law that divides a community, that make prices go up because retaillers take risk importing what we need to play. And for what? Nothing because we all know that this law change absolutely nothing to the rate of criminality. People are not more secure now than they were before.

So i dont blame Anderson for the prices of their guns i still can choose not to buy from him. I dont blame the people that whine about the price because i understand their frustration. The problem is politic and i have no choice now unless i accept the facts that retaillers will come and go and the prices will still be up.
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