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Great... so, anyone with an opinion who is from Manitoba is automatically one of Mark's "posse"... did I miss a meeting?

I know for a fact that Mark was / is a member of JSOC, so i'll take their word over anyone else's here.

I heard that airsoft sales are actually just a small part of Mark's business. His main business is army surplus, so it's probably just too much hassle to deal with airsoft sales, not to mention the accusations and remarks that get thrown around here.

I'll stand up for the guy though, for the most part he seems to have done a great job and my personal dealings with him support this. Sure, my word as a relatively unknown user may not carry a lot of weight around here, but I think we were lucky to have Mark try his hand at airsoft retail for as long as he did. From the posts on this forum and the people I've spoken to, it seems there were many more satisfied customers than unsatisfied customers. Kudos to you, Mark, I hope we can still count on your for parts and accessories

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