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*shrugs* To me, airsoft guns are VERY different from pellet and bb guns. But you're right, to the general public, I guess they don't look that different, however, I'd say a large percentage of the general public has no idea what airsoft is! Any one and their mother knows bb guns and pellet guns. You say "airsoft gun" they go, "Wha?"

From the way he was going on about the problems and inaccuracies with the paper, I was just expecting some newspaper articles saying stuff like, "A kid robbed a store with an airsoft gun" or something. None of the articles mentioned airsoft specifically, but I guess to the public that doesn't matter.
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And you're calling us immature? Neuter yourself with a hammer.
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It will help to not get you flamed here, and will help you get a job that doesn't require the repeated use of the phrase "Would you like fries with that?"
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