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[QUOTE=Crunchmeister;627058] What I meant with my post is that if police took a stance that anything airsoft (clearsoft excluded) was a replica firearm (prohibited device), they could technically show up at airsoft games (like TTAC3) and start confiscating guns, and laying charges against all those who can't prove they accquired their guns before Dec 1, 1998, because that is the law.


Based on what evidence? Possession of replicas is 100% legal.. regardless of when you got them.

Once you have them they are legal to posses.. it is the ACT of transfer that is illegal.. not the OBJECT of transfer.

The police do take the stance that anything that looks like a gun but is not a gun is a replica.. that is the law.. it is how they choose to enforce that law that differs situationally.. and the police have the power to decide what when and how to enforce laws.
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