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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
I agree there. The difference is if they perceive airsoft guns as BB guns, they they're not considered illegal. Once they start looking at them strictly as replicas (which they are), then we have problems.
it is the intention of use that defines the item at the time of an offense.. if you use one to rob a gas station it was your intention that it be taken as a real gun.. therfore that person would face firearms offenses.

If however you are 2 goof kids fooling around in a park with them... your intended use of the item is as a toy... and you would likely face a stern talking to.. and an admonishment to not "play with your toy guns in public"

the guns could in fact be the exact same make and model in both situations... in one case its a replica firearm... in the other a "harmless toy"
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