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If it does come to talking to the Record, I'll be in a better position to do so come April. I don't think we really need to unless they've written something a bit more ridiculous than calling semi-automatics revolvers.
I agree that writing them to criticize their terminology would likely not produce any kind of support or recognition for our sport. (that was an example by the way)

However I would like to see Airsoft as a Sport recognized by The Record, and have them define in an article the difference between a Replica and an Airgun.

As the word Replica gets tossed around in articles related to "realistic looking BB guns" (crappy tire CO2 types)

Please keep this thread as a place to discuss Waterloo Region's "airgun incidents"

Here are some links to Local AIRGUN incidents.
Men arrested at gunpoint after car window shattered

Teen charged after pulling gun

Air guns are a threat

Council cracks down on airguns

13 year old facing weapons, robbery charges

Teen pulls BB gun in robbery attempt

BB gun lands youth in court on weapons charges, young girl injured
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