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^^ouch, but valid point...

EDIT: that being said, the more i think about the less i worry. here is why:

1) first off, anyone who has even considered being an AEG retailer, now would be the best time because they would literally be unopposed, so in terms of a lucrative business need a say more? Can anyone say "monopoly"?
2) i already have a MK23 purchase lined up (thanks kos, PM inbound btw). after that, any other thing i want can be ordered. i.e. if i want to custom build an M4, i can buy almost all the parts. the remaining can be purchased via huang or so unless i want a special item, such as a Tanaka Kar98k or a CA M24, then i think i can find someone, if not, order from the classified. but by then (a year or so) i think another importer will arrive on scene or, i think anyway, shootsoft will expand their inventory to include higher-end brands.

thats just my thoughts though...
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