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Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
Hyprocracy at best, outdated views at worst. Seriously, that's it. The definition of replica firearm doesn't distinguish between metal cones or plastic BBs.
Agreed. I have a Walther PPK/S, Walther CP99 Compact, and Beretta PX4 Storm CO2 pellet / BB guns. Anyone that says those things aren't replicas are smoking rope. They're even GBB guns, adding to the realism. With the PPK, you can even mod it to fire full-auto, emptying the 15-round mag in about 3/4 of a second. Yet, anyone can buy one of these guns (along with shitloads of other models that are more-or-less replicas of real guns too...

And in the end, you can do a lot of damage to someone with these guns. My Px4 fires pellets at 380 fps. That's more than enough to seriously injure someone. Yet, my KJW Beretta M9 fires plastic BBs at just over 300 fps, poses no threat, and is technically illegal. Go figure...
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