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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
so after we get past this dark period, there will be a stable importer of airsoft (i.e. TM, CA etc), or at least that is how it has been in the past correct?
Do you love the game of airsoft?
Can you feild with the guns you have?
Can you make you guns reliable season after season, with out the need to replace the weapon out right?

not to hard to answer yes to those questions is it?

There are two thing you can worry about in this world, things you can change and things you can't....Choose to only worry about things you can change and then there is no great stress. what is the point of getting out of joint over this news? what can you do about it? NOTHING so keep on trucking.

None of this is going to matter tomorrow when we get hit by the super Tom Cruise missle (get it cruise missle haha it's a funny) asteroid. I don't really "know" if tom cruise has anything to do with the asteroid but he know's so much, "you know" that he must have a role in this.
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Originally Posted by kos View Post
I swear, I didn't find out about it till I got home from bangin' little miss rotten-crotch!
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