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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
so after we get past this dark period, there will be a stable importer of airsoft (i.e. TM, CA etc), or at least that is how it has been in the past correct?
Maybe... who knows? with the current enforcment climate, Most people who have import licenses are just not botheirng to import.. due to the risk of charges which is exactly what Mark is saying... dealing with the hassles has made it no longer cost effective to continue trade in these items.

CFO is not really issuing any new the perception is that there are "enough to service legitimate use now" according to what people that I know who have applied for licenses have told me..

Still there is a huge number of guns already in the community... and new ones trickle in from various sources all the time... buy and sell on this site always has a good selection of guns..
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