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Angry Airsoft Community Spokespersons: PLEASE HELP KITCHENER

Based on many recent events in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, The Record newspaper has been publishing many errors in stories related to so called "Replica's" and "BB Guns".

This newspaper is so misguided, they refer to Patrol Officers Glock 17's as "Service Revolvers" in reports pertaining to incidents regarding duty pistols! Revolvers?... :smack: Uhhh.. Okay Cowboy!

I am requesting that our Community Representatives who have written the Commissioner of Firearms requesting to ammend Criminal code sec. 84 (1), that they also submit information to The Record of Kitchener Waterloo regarding the fact that Airsoft is a sport, and that the large majority of it's members are responsible, law abiding citizens.

The columnists of this paper are so extremely uninformed that it scares me to think that our small city could be one of those which contributes to the demise of our sport.
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