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Originally Posted by Omi-san View Post
I'd use a dufflebag or keyboard case in public transport rather than anything which screams "gun inside". Even if it's proper locked case, it seems to me that it would attract way more attention and potential trouble.
+1, is a thin line but I'd feel less threatening by using a guitar or keyboard case. Thing being, if you are found with a gun case, locked or not on the transpo, some soccermom might freak out and call the cops. You'd look ok in the eyes of the cops for having a locked gun case, but shit has occured. But carrying it in a guitar case, you'd look like anyone else and cause no reason for anyone to call the cops. Just dont' dress in full BDUs abd you are ok, camo pants and black T-shirt would make you look like any other musical freak out there. I used to go do regular archery after work 10 years ago, and I'd always carry my compound bow in a duffle bag with a piece of fabric covering the top of the limb that stuck out. I never got any problems.

Nutshell, look good when the cops arrive because someone called them on you for transporting a gun case, or avoid the problem altogether and carry in something that looks like something else.
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