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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
But you're not. The screenshots posted are comparing overnight Priority Post Courrier (Purolator) from A&A at $90, and regular 2-7 day Xpresspost for shootsoft.
We used 1 -2 days shipping!

And yes on that order it was Jing Gong G36C Electric Airsoft Rifle

Please select a Shipping Method!
Ship Methods Expected Date of Arrival1 Handling Charge2
Priority Courier Friday, (5 days) February 01 2008 $92.41

Xpresspost Monday, (8 days) February 04 2008 $60.30

Expedited Wednesday, (10 days) February 06 2008 $29.25

Regular Thursday, (11 days) February 07 2008 $29.25

ALPHA unit, because there is no one else for that job!

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