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Originally Posted by mack_silent View Post
Your saving 100$ on the g36c compared to anderson... so really waiting 15 days for shipping, and paying 40 for shipping wouldnt be a problem with me.
But you're not. The screenshots posted are comparing overnight Priority Post Courrier (Purolator) from A&A at $90, and regular 2-7 day Xpresspost for shootsoft.

And even at that, I don't know where the fuck $90 came from, because I went to A&A, added a G36 (Not JG, because they have't had any of those in stock for a while, so don't know how he managed to get that in his basket). Shipping via Xpresspost was just under $30 to Ontario. Even the fastest shipping method was only $50

Sorry, but there's something wrong with those screen shots.
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