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I just talked to the police here and they said that it should be fine as long as the gun is in a locked case and the ammunition is stored separately ( ie: in another bag ).

The TTC operator said that she thought it was a bad idea and pointed to the TTC by-law that states "the TTC shall not be required to carry any goods / materials that are dangerous / offensive in nature regardless of whether they were in an approved container".

The TTC operator seemed very unsure though and referred me to another unit of the TTC which would be able to help further ( I believe it's the headquarters of their Special Constables, they aren't open on weekends ). Apparently the TTC can supply you with a letter regarding your case ( if they feel it's appropriate ) that you would be able to present to any TTC personnel that approach you, to make sure that you can travel without any problems...

Given that the police gave me the go-ahead I will transport my gun home tonight, but I will contact the TTC again tomorrow and get further information.
I'll post anything I find out here for future reference.

NOTE: In all cases when talking to the police and to the TTC I referred to the airsoft gun in question as an air-rifle and said that I was transporting it to and from a firing-range. This was done to avoid the whole "are airsoft guns replicas or air-rifles" malarky. If anyone thinks that was a bad idea please post detailing why...

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