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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
Then you get my size 12 up your ass sideways
Tsk, it was just a question, no need to flash your little e-wee-wee. Noone wants to see it anyways.

Originally Posted by Hk-GUY View Post
I would give plenty more than a single foot, at least an AEG to the nasal bridge.
Because that would almost be worth being ejected out of the game and being labelled as a violent person who cannot handle certain situations with a mature attitude. As much as it would be a terrible thing if someone did get hit in the face with it, there would be better ways to handle the situtation. Ive been shot in the face many times at point blank range, quiet a few of those times with hotguns, Ive been shot in the cheek, teeth, neck, nose and ears. Ive never struck anyone out of anger.

Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
It says that they will not work if they hit colothing or skin, only hard surfaces (so a goggle hit will make a loud snap sound). Remember, they say that these things are like those little paper things you toss on the floor to make it go snap, these aren't 'exploding' BBs that make a big flash and can leave a burn mark.
Well thats good to know, nothing soft would set them off, or atleast thats the claim.
I see them as a novelty but not one I would use, maybe outdoors on a cement wall but never indoors or anything where I might get little burn marks on my walls ,hardwood or lino.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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