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You can't open a business if you can't get stock. Years ago, there were airsoft retailers who themselves did not have a license to import. They were supplied by other businesses that did have a license. Those guys are all gone now, except 007. There are no businesses bringing in quantities enough to supply their needs as well as their competition. The days of plentiful AEGs are over, and as time goes on, things will only get worse. At some point, there will be no retailers willing to bother with the hassles, both from the government side as well as the consumer side.

Airsoft businesses will start up, like this new one by leGros, but they stock nothing of value in my opinion. Nowadays, people think Marui and Classic Army are something to work toward, and Kraken and Chinasoft are the shit. Myself, I was baptized into this sport when none of that existed, or was even a thought. And even though the lines of clearsoft have opened up, it's not the same and many guys don't like what that represents either, regardless of the cloning quality.

I hope airsoft doesn't degenerate into discussions about which clear $99 guns are the best and which black paint works best on which clear body. Unfortunately, our laws push us in that direction. And just because you want to open a business and believe you can supply guns does not make it a possibility. Where are their ICS guns? Everyone else selling quality guns is gone except A&A and 007. They will not be replaced.
You forget not everyone can afford a PTW or even a CA or TM. I'm perfectly fine with people playing with china clones as long they are not clearsoft crap (that would ruin the game since we play for 'realism'). Those 'china stores' are not much, but its a start. Who knows, maybe they will grow in TM/CA/ICS/etc stores when they have more money.

For the people you mention that don't like those clones, well thats fine. Don't get a clone and go pay the premium for a TM, CA or w/e they want. Everyone to their own taste The good thing about those 'china stores' is they open the sport/hobby to MORE people that don't have the luxery to spend $500ish for a basic AEG to come play with us.
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Yes it is hard to find an Instructor that teaches how to Finger, Suck, Squeeze and Blow all at the same time.

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