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Originally Posted by scooterboy View Post
One thing I would say crunchmeister is that the T56 is basically a 400+ FPS rifle equipped with a 300 FPS spring (probably to allow it to meet the legal power requirements of most markets in a single 'one power suits all' config).

If you're leaving the rifle at its out of the box power levels consider swapping out the hop bucking for something bigger and softer (eg guarder clear bucking). If you're upping the spring to 400+ give the original bucking a try

I plan to leave it stock for a while, but will more than likely want to upgrade it to sub-400 speed with a new spring sometime in the future. I more than likely won't be shooting it much in the short term. My current kit is all geared to Armalite mags, so it wouldn't be practical. I really want this rifle for a collector's item more than a field gun, although I will eventually take it out to games. I'll get myself geared up for AK mags and the gun will get a spring upgrade before it gets fielded for the first time. 300 fps just doesn't cut it. I'm just not in a rush for it yet.

EDIT: YAY! Hellfire shipped mine today and it's due to arrive at my door on Feb 5!!!

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