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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
I put a stock TM spring into mine, I just cut off the little arm that comes on it, anyways, the ROF raised cosniderably with a TM stock spring so I think Im gona have to find a slightly weaker battery.
Actually, I was considering doing that as well once I receive mine to try to minimize the wear on the internals. I have the leftover stock spring from my TM that would work fine. I don't plan on upgrading this gun in any way (unless something breaks and I have to), so I think this would probably preserve its internals.

I see the 10" HK 416 as more of a CQB gun anyway and stock it shoots way too hot for that. I have no intention of ever using it for an outdoor game. Same with shooting in my basement. 400 fps is just too much.

I won't even use my C8 in my house now (roughly 360-370 fps) because I find it too powerful and it tends to go right through my targets rather than being stopped by them. The 416 will be my 'home plinker' and a collector's piece only, so a big power downgrade will probably be a very good thing. Probably get me a stupidly high ROF too. lol
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