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Originally Posted by BooKoo View Post
Shipping isn't cheap and its usually the one thing forgotten when someone calculates how much they have to pay.
No, shipping costs money, it isn't cheap, and I do take it into consideration for the total price. I figured Usually, it will cost $30 to ship an average full size AEG across the country, and about 20 within Ontario. I'm just not willing to pay $40 to have a smaller item shipped to me from less than 500 km away.

Originally Posted by Fury View Post
$40 is definitely unreasonable from QUEBEC to ONTARIO.

I believe the $40 is now a flat fee, which does not change from Quebec to BC. Shipping fees need some revision.
Agreed. From Quebec to Ontario, that's way too much. From BC to Ontario, I'd be a little miffed since it would be a bit high (considering the size and weight of the item being shipped), but would be reluctantly willing to pay it.

And yeah, shipping costs need to be more locale-specific rather than flat rate. Other online stores using OSCommerce (, old A&A site, have the module that will gets actual shipping costs from Canada Post. LeGros should definitely look into that for his online store.

The second shipping prices are adjusted, I'll be ordering my MP5.

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