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Originally Posted by dinhulks View Post
Almost did an order with this guys, until i reached Paypal and shipping showed US$40.00!!!!
Yeah, that was a turnoff for me too, considering the item I was ordering. I know that actual shipping cost (Xpresspost) MP5 I was looking at should be $20-25 at most. I had my full size CA M15A4 rifle shipped to me from A&A for $30. When I returned the broken Firepower F4 I got from A&A, shipping was $25. To me, having cheap prices for products, then charging high shipping price sort of adds a 'hidden' cost that makes what appeared to be a great deal not so great anymore. Don't get me wrong though. Shootsoft's prices on the guns are still quite reasonable, and even with that extra shipping charge, the total cost is still competitive. But the shock factor of seeing that huge shipping charge is a bit sobering when you're not expecting it.

That being said, I will probably end up buying the JG metal MP5 from shootsoft eventually. I think it was just the shock factor that really made me back out of it on the spot like that. Otherwise, I would have placed my order that day.

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