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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
If you want the prices to come down, we need the sport to grow. That way there'll be a bigger market, and the bigger the market the more competition will be economically possible - thus lowering the prices. When you move a relatively low volume of stock you have to keep your prices high to remain profitable. It's just the way the system works, guys.
Your thinking is flawed. By your rationale, more players = more retailers opening up to supply them = more competition = lower prices. This could not ever happen in a legal way.

A actual scenario would be more players = more competition for scant resources = higher prices.

You can't just open up a legal business to import these thing just because the demand is there. The CFC doesn't give a shit about demand, and won't issue you a license to import just because. If this was the case, we'd still have 15 retailers in Canada, like we did up until mid-2006. Then, there was competition, but guess what, a Marui that cost $220 U.S. on Redwolf was still $450 here. And that was at a time when retailers skirted the law and were bringing in guns by the seacan (anybody remember the pictures of Peter Kang in front of the open seacan full of guns?)

So, as you see, bitching and moaning does nothing at all. Even if you were motivated enough to open a business to remedy the situation, you would get nowhere and nothing would change.

If it really bugs you that much, quit airsoft, because you can't do a thing to change it, unless you become PM with a majority and force the issue through Parliament.

And don't think for a second I wouldn't like to see price equity, but it won't happen with our legal framework. I've learned to accept it, as you can't fight it.
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